(It only look me 15 years to get to it! :p) 

This archive is dedicated to my favourite (and mainly) lesser-known, modern rock bands who in my opinion were/are truly amazing. Unfortunately half of these bands have sadly split up.

The original aim of these pages were to promote these bands the best I could and help them gain at least  a relative success in the U.K. The only current band to manage a top 40 hit so far was 'A' in February 2002 with 'Nothing'. They had a great success with their album 'Hi-fi Serious', with a bunch of top 40 hits. The main aim of this site now is to archive the music and memories of the bands - especially those who didn't have a full shot at success.

If anyone who enters this web site has any questions, spots any mistakes, or are fans and want to get in touch, please leave a message on my guestbook
This web site features the above bands out of goodwill and intent, and I hope it is advantageous for them. However, if anyone from these bands have any comments or problems on what this web site contains, I will be very grateful to hear from them! 

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