As a Radish fan, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that I like Ben Kweller's solo stuff. However, it did take a while for me to get round to listening to solo B.K material. I had heard ‘Sha Sha’ in a record shop, and it didn’t instantly grab me because it sounded different to the Radish stuff I owned.

Fortunately some good friends of mine made sure I heard the first album. After a few listens I was hooked! When the second album came out it took me even longer to really get into, but after some repeated listens I was then convinced I should find out what else Ben had released.

After searching the Internet for a good B.K/Radish discography I realised that there was no one site that seemed to have every B.K release. I found many contradictions and oddities between sites, so I decided to create my own.

What is featured on these pages is the result of many long hours of Internet searching and question asking on the B.K forum. I'm really glad I've finally got round to created what I hope is the most complete and accurate B.K discography on the web.
Many thanks to Ben Kweller himself, and the other people on his forum who have spared their time and knowledge to help me!

Please note any songs that were originally Radish compositions, are highlighted in blue.