Songs/Recordings Not on 'Brainwash'

Well, the general idea as I've already said was to release the mini-album with all the tracks from the singles for those who couldn't find them. Unfortunately this didn't quite work out, as they left off "E-Time". Sadly, there aren't many other songs on the list as there were only two singles released not for the mini-album, before the band split.


Non-Mini Album/Non-Album Songs
E-Time 3.55 Not Today CD
Blue Buddha 3.34 Sick of You CD
v.d.u. 3.06 Sick of You CD
More Anarchy 3.00 (ish) No known studio recording - played live at the Camden Barfly on 20 October 2000, whilst headlining a Kerrang gig.
Properly Mixed Versions (Which would have been from the album that never was)
Escape to Space 3.22 5 Track Promo CD
Head Down 2.35 Black & Red CD
Control 3.17 Black & Red CD
Black & Red 3.13 Black & Red CD & 5 Track Promo CD
D.N.A 4.28 5 Track Promo CD
Drug Me 4.46 5 Track Promo CD
Part of the Game (Re-recorded) 3.46 5 Track Promo CD
Is My Spirit Dead? 3.37 Rock Sound Volume 20 CD - Labeled as 'Spirit'
Not-Properly Mixed Versions
[All tracks off the album that never was]   Not officially released - all tracks unmixed
Alternative Versions
Influenced (Demo) 3.13 Belfast '97 CD
Sick of You (Original) 3.24 Sick of You CD
I Like Sex (Original) 2.40 (ish) No known studio recording  - Original version apparently has with funny/perverted lyrics about school girls