or co_dot as they eventually called themselves were a fantastic band who came from Lisburn, Northern Ireland. They released a handful of singles and a mini-album on the small label Bright Star. They signed to the major label Mercury and recorded a full-length album. Unfortunately, the label "didn't share their musical direction" (or in another words - didn't like the album!) and dropped them; presumably for that reason.
The band finished due to a rather bad split, and although there a few rumours why, I do not want to speculate on the situation. The album found it's way on to Napster in it's unfinished/unmixed form, although an official released will sadly (probably) never happen.
Their initial comparisons were with Green Day (but better), which then changed in later reviews to the Foo Fighters! They supported slots with the likes of Therapy? and Terrorvision and received great live reviews. I absolutely loved this band - they were great both on record and live. I hope this site provides appropriate information for people to know who they were, and what they released.

What are they up to Now?

Chris - Decided never to play bass again, which is a real shame!

Joe - Was briefly in a band called 'Vapour Lounge, who recorded one 4-track demo before splitting! He is now in a band called 'Su Casa' -

Rab - Was in the band 'Fisto', and now is in the band 'Nasa Assassin' - 
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songs/recordings not on 'brainwash'
the album that never was