Cathy Davey - B-Sides & Non-Album Tracks etc



Caroline (Demo) 2.54 Something Ilk Demo CD-R
My Surprise 4.31 Come Over E.P
Nervous Twitches 5.04 Clean and Neat Single
Piece of the Pie 4.14 Clean and Neat Single
Some Things I Can't Have 4.49 Cold Man's Nightmare Single
Big Guns 2.48 Performed Live
Long Time Gone (Demo) 3.58 Myspace
Hoochie (Demo) 3.24 Myspace
Reuben (Gaelic Version) 4.09 Ceol'09 Compilation CD
Little Shit 3.25 Reuben Single
I Feel Love (Donna Summers) - Live Cover 5.08 Sing For Your Supper Single Download
Cannonball ??? Moving Single
The Wandering 4.33 Army of Tears Single Download
I Don't Mind 4.27 The Nameless - Expanded Edition, Dog Single
Rescue 3.10 The Nameless - Expanded Edition
Bad Weather (Single Version) 3.46 Bad Weather Single
(How Much is) That Doggie In the Window? 2.11 Oscar The Hypno-Dog - And Other Tails (Various)
The Eh Eh Song 4.21 Oscar The Hypno-Dog - And Other Tails (Various)
When You Wish Upon A Star (Pinocchio) ??? A Murray Christmas 2
Uninsurable 3.15 Live At Dublin Unitarian Church
Never Before 3.43 Live At Dublin Unitarian Church, RSA anti-speeding campaign 
We All Stand Together (Paul McCartney) 4.01 Facebook


Happy 4.32 Collaborations (Various), Cash Is King (Mocrac) & Tara Road (OST)
Let's Normalise 4.39 My Sanctuary (Autamata)
Jellyman 4.30 My Sanctuary (Autamata)
Seems So Long 4.08 The Actors (OST)
Lovely Morning 4.38 The Actors (OST)
Grace Under Pressure 4.49 Cast of Thousands (Elbow)
In My Pocket 5.46 Cash Is King (Mocrac) 
Staring 3.51 Cash Is King (Mocrac)
Fragile 4.08 Cash Is King (Mocrac)
No Child's Play 3.22 Cash Is King (Mocrac)
Winter Wonderland 2.25 We Love Yule [Bent featuring Cathy] (Various)
Rag Doll 4.51 Rag Doll (Gavin Glass & The Holy Shakers), Gavin Glass & The Holy Shakers (Gavin Glass & The Holy Shakers) 
Cloud Seekers 2.43 Colours of Sound (Autamata), Cloud Seekers (Autamata) 
Where The Wild Roses Grow (Nick Cave) 4.06 FM104's Strawberry Alarm Clock - Bestest Bits
??? ??? Sea Sew (Lisa Hannigan) 
??? ??? Animal Dream (House of Cosy Cushions) 
Island Life ??? Bang Goes The Knighthood (The Divine Comedy)
The Dolphins And The World’s Tallest Man ??? Printer Clips CD & The Right Sleeve E.P CD
What Else 3.48 Starboard Home (Various)


Come Over (Demo) 3.07 Something Ilk Demo CD-R
Hammerhead (Demo) 3.29 Something Ilk Demo CD-R
Go Make It (Demo) 4.15 Something Ilk Demo CD-R
Sugar (Demo) ? Something Ilk Demo CD-R
Mine For Keeps (Demo) ? Something Ilk Demo CD-R
About Time (Demo) ? Something Ilk Demo CD-R
Swing It (Demo) ? Something Ilk Demo CD-R
Piece of The Pie (Demo) ? Something Ilk Demo CD-R
Holy Moly (Demo) ? Something Ilk Demo CD-R
Trade Secret (Demo) ? Something Ilk Demo CD-R
Cannonball (Home Demo) 3.06 Faction One (Various)
Sing For Your Supper (Demo) 3.57 Myspace
Harmony (Demo) 2.48 Myspace
Army of Tears (Demo) 4.03, iTunes
In He Comes (Demo)  3.59
Little Red (Demo) 4.36
The Nameless (Demo)  2.57
The Touch (Demo)  3.59
Wild Rum (Demo)  4.18


Happy (Asylum Mix) ? Happy CD Single (Mocrac)
Happy (Bunker Mix) ? Happy CD Single (Mocrac)
Little Red (Instrumental)  ? Little Red promo CD