Cathy Davey - Introduction


On 11th April 2004 I first heard Cathy Davey on the 2FM Sunday night rock show with Cormac Battle. The song I heard was 'Come Over' and I loved it from first listen.

However, it took me a while to get into her further, as an Internet search for Cathy wasn't at all helpful. This was because I rather stupidly spelt her name with a 'K' and didn't think of attempting another search with a 'C'! I eventually realised this, and found the official site and signed up to the mailing list.

It wasn't until the single 'Cold Man's Nightmare' came out that I decided to get the album. Even though I had only heard just 'Come Over', I took the risk and bought it! I loved it from first listen and started obtaining her back catalogue. Further listens to the first album and early singles made me realise how good a singer and songwriter Cathy is; so much that I was convinced to add her to my site! I hope the pages provide some useful information for anyone who may browse them.

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