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Even though the TV series 'Firefly' and then the motion picture 'Serenity' came out, a worldwide fan base has grown and is still going strong. The United States by far has the largest 'Browncoat' fandom, although other countries do have their own groups.





Can't Stop the Signal Forum

A U.K Firefly/Serenity discussion message board


Firefly / Serenity discussion boards



Serenity Browncoats Forum

  Link Forum


Firefly Meetup Groups


Big Damn Verse, Role Play Forum

Browncoat Sites 
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Australian Browncoats Livejournal




Austin Browncoats




Bristol (U.K) Browncoats




California Browncoats




Canadian Browncoats




Gloucester (U.K) Browncoats




New York Browncoats



Melbourne Browncoats Twitter


North Carolina Browncoats Blog



Portland Browncoats




SoCal Browncoats




Southeastern Browncoats




San Francisco Browncoats




  Browncoats Ball

Fan Stories 




Firefly - The Virtual Seasons

Although no episodes have been published since 2007, this fan created site contains written episodes set between Firefly and Serenity.




Firefly - Old Wounds

A fan made audio drama, last updated on 24 February 2008

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