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Firefly/ Serenity - Links                                                       


There are many Firefly/Serenity related websites. Below are selection of the best ones, which all contain very useful information.   

Fan Sites An 'as much as they can' complete resource to all things Firefly The fans tale of Firefly & Serenity - A Documentary News, forum, chat room and more The title speaks for itself!    Some lovely Jewelrey here   Links to fan made Firefly/Serenity comics
Merchandise Sites Lots of great Firefly/Serenity merchandise for charity
Quantum Mechanix Lots of official Serenity merchandise, although in some cases limited edition
Useful Information
Firefly Time Line A very in depth timeline for Firefly/Serenity 'verse The Firefly & Serenity Database
Serenity Vessel Wiki Page The Wikipedia page on the ship 'Serenity'
Serenity Comics Detailed information on Serenity comics on this page
Firefly Ship Works A QMx blog, featuring a prototype model of Jubal Early's interceptor, from 'Objects In Space'
Fanpop Some nice fan-made wallpaper here
My Confined Space Chibi wallpaper!
Jacob Charles Dietz One Serenity wallpaper here
Serenity Verse Many photos, all separated tidily into folders
The Sci-fi World Various scf-fi wallpaper, including Serenity
QMX Lots of detailed photos of the 'reaverised' 12 foot Serenity filming miniature

Dead Sites


Unfortunately, many of the sites that have been created for and after the release of 'Serenity' are now longer working. Here's a list of sites that are off the grid, to save you time looking at them!

Xanthen Firefly Serenity Fan Page Joss Whedon