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Not a great deal of news these days, as no sequel movie is likely. However, Firefly/Serenity related stuff is still trickling out.   


November 2014


Serenity (Volume 4): Leaves On The Wind Out now!

Available from:-

          --> Dark Horse -     Hardcover Graphic Novel    6 x comics
          --> -   Hardcover Graphic Novel    6 x comics
          --> - Hardcover Graphic Novel    6 x comics


September 2014


Extremely good fan film, available to watch from here


August 2013


New Firefly board game: available soon from here


July 2013


New Firefly project: Firefly Online, an OFFICIAL MMO! Some information here


Jan 2013

New Firefly board game announced! Information here


May 2012


'Serenity' not be produced as an official Lego toy, but a nice try! 

          --> Link 

July 2011


Serenity (Volume 2): Better Days And Other Stories - At last on hardback! And with 3 bonus stories too! 

Available from:-

          --> Dark Horse

November 2010


Serenity (Volume 3): A Shepherd's tale - Book back story at last! Out now!

Available from:-

          --> Dark Horse

September 2010


Browncoats Redemption - Out now!

Available from:-


May 2010

Firefly - Still Flying: A Celebration of Joss Whedon's Acclaimed TV Series - Out now!

Available from:-




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