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Firefly/ Serenity - Random Stuff


Loads of random things created/available for this franchise. Click on the links below to find out what!   


Lego Serenity - "Snack Size" at
Lego Serenity - Large Scale and detailed at, &
Lego Characters at    


Firefly - The Game - An OFFICIAL board game, new to 2013!

Firefly Online - An OFFICIAL online game!

Trading Cards

Role Playing Stuff - Plenty on and



Youtube - A video of the 'crash' of the 'reaverised' Serenity

Youtube - Neil Gaiman supports Firefly in a dispute over freedom to cite Malcolm Reynolds

Youtube - QMX video of Serenity Mal pistol prop


Official "Blue Sun" Glass - Official promotional item. For more items click here
- Many available online. A lot of them on the link
Serenity Necklace - Other jewellery available online

"Take My Love" Webcomic
How To Make Your Own Vera - A very good guide to making a copy of Jayne Cobb's Callahan Fullbore Autolock

Relentlessly Cheerful Art - Some 'Firefrog' pics and a Mal 'in carbonite'. Lots of other cool pics too. Awesome stuff!

Seremuppety - Serenity done in Muppet figure, comic strip form!

My Little Serenity - Serenity trailer audio with video from the modern My Little Pony cartoon!

The Ariel Ambulance Project - Someone in the States found, bought and restored this prop!

Xanthen Firefly Serenity Fan Page Joss Whedon