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Firefly/ Serenity - T.V/Film Guide                                                      


There have been various releases of Firefly and Serenity worldwide. This guide endeavors to illustrate what is available. Only official (As far as I am aware) releases and artwork shown.

For differences on bonus features between discs click here

If you have found an artwork for Serenity but it isn't shown on this page, it is likely that it's fan-made. For more information click here.






Region 1 Version (4 Discs)

The standard version available from most places. Comes in a collection of four separate slim line cases. Note how the planets vary between inner covers.  




Region 2 - Normal Version (4 Discs)

The standard version available from most shops. Comes in a plastic box with separate sleeve notes 




Region 2 - Limited Edition Version (4 Discs)

As above, but comes in a nice cardboard sleeve. Firefly logo and other parts in "shiny" gold lettering 



Region 4 - Normal Version (4 Discs)

Not too sure exactly what case the DVD set comes in.   



Region 4 - Limited Edition Collectors Tin (4 Discs)

An exclusive collectors tin edition. Australian only. Available (when in stock) from    





U.S Cover

Canadian English Cover

Canadian French Cover

Canadian Inside

Region 1 - Normal Version (1 Disc)

The extras on this disc are almost the same as the region 2 single disc version, with exception of the extra 'A Filmmaker's Journey', which is excluded. However, the feature movie is 5 minutes longer. Artwork has a lovely 'shiny' metallic finish. Canadian cover is double sided, one with predominantly English text, and the other predominantly in French. 




Region 1 - Collector's Edition (2 Disc)

A beautifully packaged limited edition double DVD release, featuring a 5 minute longer version of the movie.

  Available from and

U.K Version - R2 & 5

Swedish Version - R2 & 4

U.K Limited Edition Artwork Version 

Region 2 - Normal Version (1 Disc)

The standard version available from the usual places.


Dutch Version - R2

Region 2 - Special Edition (2 Disc)

Dutch version shown, with different artwork to the single disc version. Presumably there are differently packaged region 2 versions for other countries. Second disc includes extras not available on the single disc version.


Spanish Version - R2

German Version - R2

Region 2 - Steel Book (2 Disc)

Different artwork yet again. Features the extras 'Session 416' and 'Sci-fi Inside: Serenity', not available on the other region 2 DVD's. This release appears to be a more complete version than the Region 1 Collector's Edition, apart from the fact that the movie has the shorter length of 1h 54m 04s.

Available (when in stock) from and

Australian Cover

Other Countries Cover

Disc 1

Disc 2

Region 4 - Normal Version (2 Disc)

The standard region 4 version. The cover is double sided, one for Australia, and the other presumably for other region 4 countries. This double disc release has exactly the same content as the region 2 version. The only difference is the cover and DVD artwork. Discs are also region 2.





Region 4 - Limited Edition Collectors Tin

An exclusive Australian only collectors tin. Normal region 4 version inside. 
Available (when in stock) from

   U.K                    U.K                     U.K               Australia

 Australia                U.K                    U.K              Australia


Value Packs

Serenity has been included with various value packs.



             U.S - Front           U.S - Rear               U.K                


Region 1 & 2 Versions available

The big damn movie on a small PSP disc!  






Apparently released in HD-DVD. 



BLU-RAY - Region A/B (3 Discs)

No known region C version available.  
Blu-ray format includes an exclusive new extras:- 

- All-new Firefly cast roundtable: Lunch with Joss, Nathan, Alan & Ron
- New commentary for Our Mrs. Reynolds by Joss, Nathan, Alan & Ron

  Normal Blu Ray available from and

Also available in very nice limited edition steelbook from and



U.K (Front)         U.S (Front)
     U.S (Whole Sleeve)               U.S (Disc)

HD-DVD (1 Disc)

Region free, but released in the U.S and U.K with different covers. Extras appear to be the same as the region 1 single disc DVD. It is not known if the U.K version is 114 or 119 minutes long. No exclusive extras, and certainly no 'extra' extras as featured on the double disc DVD's.

  U.K Version

East Asia Version

BLU-RAY - Region A/B (1 Disc)

No known region C version available? Blu-ray format includes exclusive extras:- 

- Alliance Database
- Mr. Universe Compendium
- Digital Tour of Serenity
- Visual Commentary from Joss Whedon and Cast 

and also, an exclusive extra mistakenly listed under 'addition features'

- Feature Commentary from Joss Whedon and Cast 
- Mr. 
  se Com
Available from the usual places.


BLU-RAY - Region Free

A limited edition release of the usual blu-ray disc but featuring exclusive artwork
- Mr. 
  se Com
Available from and HMV


BLU-RAY - Region Free

A limited edition U.K steelbook release
- Mr. 
  se Com
Available from


BLU-RAY - Region B 

A Universal 100th Anniversary edition steelbook release
- Mr. 
  se Com
Available from

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