Band Status

What They're Doing Now

"A" Reformed in 2008 After a hiatus for 3 years, the have done a handful of live shows since they reformed. It is possible that new material may happen.
co.uk/Co_dot Split in 2000 Chris (bass) sadly decided never to pick up a bass ever again, Rab (drums) was drumming in the band 'Fisto', and Joe (guitar, vocals) was in the band 'Vapour Lounge' for the 5 minutes. He was then in a band called 'Su Casa' - whereabouts unknown.
Janus Stark Split in September 2002, briefly reformed in 2009 The final line-up of Janus Stark went on to regroup under the name of The More I See
Kerbdog Split in 1998, although have done a few gigs 'for fun' since Cormac and Darragh continued soon afterwards with 'Wilt'
Mower Split in July 2007 Reformed in Jul 2015! Official site, new gig!
Midget 'Reformed' in February 2006

Split on 5 December 2013.
Richard was in the band 'Kubrick', Andy produces (including Kubrick). Lee is still an air traffic controller, he was the drummer for 'Complex Four', and now is in the band Ledlight. 
Nirvana Duh!!
Symposium Split in early 2000 See my Symposium introduction
Wilt Not active Wilt aren't doing anything at the moment'. Cormac DJ's on 2FM (www.rte.ie/2fm/index.html)