The Force Fed project was an interesting side project that could have either worked level with Janus Stark, or possibly even replaced them. It involved the JS members at the time: Gizz, Shop and Carl Alty, and to complete the line-up, Kim Nail - a backing vocalist from Marilyn Manson's touring band. 

The band recorded a 10 track demo in early 2000, with Kim singing at least one part in every song. Carl Alty's interest in programming influenced the band at the time as the songs have a "cool, noisy, electronic vibe" (to quote Gizz). 

The 10 track demo has not been released in full, but I can provide the list of the songs recorded.
Birth of a Nation (3:54) Released on the CD "This Is a New Way of Thinking". Features Gizz on lead vocals, with Kim on backing vocals. A slow song that sounds very cool with the programming bits in it.
Butcherqueer (2:32) Originally available through the official Janus Stark site on download, and then released on the "This Is a New Way of Thinking" CD. The version on the CD is a subtly different mix to the download version. This song is very fast, and features Kim on lead vocals.
Bruises Blue (2:42) Another very fast song with Kim on lead vocals. Released on the Infernal Records compilation "Any Colour As Long As It's Black".
Catholic This certainly would make interesting listening. This relatively quiet song has already been recorded and released as Janus Stark. If the other songs in this demo are anything to go by, I would expect this version to be a bit different! According to Gizz, although it may have been played, it may not have been recorded! 
Chez Wrong Released as a demo recording on the CD "Built In Defence Mechanism". Also recorded and released by The More I See.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fuzz   
Open Window   
Plasticine A song also recorded by Janus Stark. Janus Stark version now available to download from 
Roll Over, Beg, Lie Down This song was eventually released on the "Vacant Stare/Fony Tour 2002" CD, although this is a Janus Stark recording and not Force Fed.
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