Janus Stark were one of my most favourite bands of all time. I saw them live in April 1998 for the first time, and for the last time in September 2002. In this four years I experienced many changes in the bands music and line-up, and enjoyed almost every moment of it. 


Janus Stark evolved from a band called "The English Dogs" who were to quote "the slayer of punk"; in another words, very fast and aggressive!
The English Dogs line-up included Gizz from around 1984 onwards (earlier for original J.S drummer Pinch), until the band demised around 1987. Gizz then reformed the band in 1992/3, Shop joined in 1994, and the final English Dogs album 'All The Worlds a Rage' was released in 1995 with by then Gizz taking vocal duties. After a rethink and a name change in 1997 Janus Stark was born. Originally consisting of the final English Dogs line-up, Pinch the drummer got fired and ex-joyrider sticksman Carl Alty was drafted in.
To make it even harder for Janus Stark, their record company Earache Records who they had signed a four album deal with, did not give them hardly any support or promotion. This was presumably because all of the other bands on the label were metal and they weren't! Fortunately Janus Stark managed to leave after just one album and hopefully they can now concentrate on getting signed to a good record company who appreciate a good band!
Carl Alty decided to leave his position in the band, as he couldn't unfortunately make the commitments. A replacement was found in the form of ex-Kill 2 This drummer - Ben Calbert, although he left the band after about 4 months! The Elastica drummer Justin Welch joined temporarily so that the band could undertake a German tour that the previous drummer had put in jeopardy by leaving.
The band used a friend Spikey T Smith (Wardance w/Gizz in '87, Positive w/Shop in '93, Bultaco around 95,  Jolt '96-'97, The Damned '97-'98, and Morrissey '98-present - phew!), to tie them over whilst they auditioned for a permanent drummer. After a short period of auditioning, the band chose Alex Cummins as their drummer, who has fitted into the band very well!

In September 2001 Shop (original bassist) left the band! This came as a bit of a shock to me, although fortunately the band soon found a replacement bassist. However, the band sadly decided to call it a day in September 2002 they did a final farewell tour, before reforming under the name 'The More I See'.