Well this could be thought as sad, but I have decided (because I can) to show the Midget logo as it has changed through the years. I guess a practical reason for this is you know what to look for when tracking down the elusive earlier singles, which have the different logos. The un-practicable reason (I guess) is so you could copy the picy and colour it in any way you want! (but that's a bit sad).
orig.jpg (4959 bytes) Original Logo, still my favourite!
A strange one invented by the record label
The Alco-pop! logo
intermed.jpg (3696 bytes) As used for Optimism, and seemingly nothing else!
last.jpg (3368 bytes) Logo used for 'All Fall Down' until 'Individual Inconsistent' era - I still preferred the other two!
   new.jpg (2183 bytes) The last logo - very simple, but I like it!