I strongly believe that fans of any band should be able to get their hands on lyrics, as they will appreciate the songs more. Not just because they will have a greater understanding of what the songs are about, but to make sure they haven't been singing the wrong lyrics all of the time! I'm as guilty as anyone else at this, and I won't deny this!

I have typed up my own version of what the lyrics are even most have been included within the album sleeves. This is for two reasons: firstly, I find it a real pain when lyrics are included, but spread across the whole width of the unfolded sleeve, because it is difficult to find the next line = you don't bother to read the lyrics. Secondly, some lyrics are actually print wrong in the sleeves! I have indicated  areas in bold which are the correct words - see what you think! The lyrics for Individual Inconsistent have been taken from the official site, so whoever typed it out should get credit. Although the majority of the corrections are putting in the choruses every they are sung, there were a few errors with the original lyrics!

I guess at this point I should state that all of the lyrics (minus my corrections I guess) belong to Midget and no-one else, and if any one from Midget does have any problems with this, I would be very grateful to hear from them!

The Lost World
Individual Inconsistent
The Milgram Experiment