Monkeys !    :o(|)

Here's a list of Monkeys I have and don't have! This page is for my reference really, as I only want to buy them for myself at the moment.  

TY Beanies



Buddy Baby
Don't have, but don't want Got!


No Picture! :o(
Buddy Baby 
Got! Yay! Got! Yay!


Baby Buddy
Got Don't want


Large Small (on right)
Want!!!!!!!! Got! Yay!


Want!!!!!!!!, but one like on the left hand picture. That is, if they different!


Buddy Baby 
Got! Yay! Got! Yay!


Buddy Baby 
Got! Got!


No Picture


Large Small 
Not bothered about it, if it exists Got

Other TY Monkeys
Nope! Or at least I would have to check first, as most of the other ones I've seen I don't really like!

Jellycat seem to Tiny Tot, Tot, Small, Medium and Huge!

Junglie Monkey

Small Huge
I have the small one of this, which is quite big! I would also like a bigger 
one, possibly a huge one, although it would depend on how big it was! I believe it's 31" tall!

Teeny Tot Monkey Keyring

I have this one!


Large Medium Tiny
I would like one of these two, not both. Not sure which size would be best though

Not that keen on this one

Other Jellycat Monkeys 

Like the TY ones, all the other monkeys I'm not too keen on, some of which I really don't like. Sorry!

Other Monkeys

I do have monkeys. The only other two of any interest I already have are the nice (Mark 2?) Bear Factory monkeys. The large and small one. I DON'T like the latter large Bear Factory monkey and I certainly DON'T like ANY of the Build-a-bear monkeys! Boo to Build-a-bear!