For those fans who do not have much of an idea what "A" sounded like before they went all metal, the below clips will give a very good idea! 
The best method is to right click on the link, and 'Save Target As'.....wait a bit for the download....AND THEN PLAY LOUD!!!
A 175KB Not exactly the most original title for a song, not like that matters!
If It Ain't Broke...Fix It Anyway 174KB Used to be an excellent starter for "A" gigs, one of my favourites.
Bad Idea 173KB An early single which got single of the week in Kerrang, still good to hear live!
Foghorn 173KB One of their most well known songs, before "A" made it big. Featured on Radio Kerrang! CD - Vol2
I Love Lake Tahoe 175KB Probably the most well known "A" song, before they made it big with 'Nothing'.
Monkey Kong 175KB Title track off their album...errrrrrrrr Monkey kong, lyrics are great!
Old Folks 172KB Great song, but not to be taken the wrong way with the lyrics. Note of the 'It's NOT like I think' 
B-Sides/Rare Songs
Five In The Morning
(DJ Mental Visuals Mix)
143KB I'm never one for remixes, but it is interesting to note that this is the only track that hasn't been remixed by "A"! File under 'interesting', as it sounds TOTALLY different to the original!
Don't Be Punks (Acapella)
The WHOLE song!
504KB CAUTION - VERY OFFENSIVE! It will make sense why the album version has been mixed so! The track title says it all! It's also longer than the album version.
Fistral (Major Treat Mix) 174KB NOT a remix as the title may suggest, but just "A" 're-doing' one of their more mellow songs themselves but as a punk rock version! Fantastic stuff!
Silly Sounds Section
Dan's Angry/Amusing Answerphone Message 116KB
Subliminal Message At End Of Side "C" (Original Backwards Version) 35KB
Subliminal Message At End Of Side "C" (Slowed Reversed Version) 63KB
Jason Perry's Fantastic Battle Cry 20KB