Cathy Davey - Sounds


Come Over Originally off Cathy's first release, the 'Come Over' E.P
Trade Secret The second track off the 'Something Ilk' album - one of my favourites! Features kazoos!
Hammer Head A moody song off the 'Something Ilk' album - I don't think it's anything to do with the Star Wars character of the same name!
Swing It An interesting bass line in this song!
Go Make It The poppier side of Cathy
Holy Moly A haunting rock song
Save Button What appears to be a very personal song of Cathy's - one of my favourites
Some Things I Can't Have The b-side off the 'Cold Man's Nightmare' single - what a beautiful voice!
Cannonball (Demo) A now older 'new' song that hopefully will be on the new album