I don't have too much in the way of mp3's on my site as I have a limited space given. I have given people who are new to Midget the chance to download the samples to give them an idea of what the band were like, and for Midget fans to hear rare Midget tracks off vinyl.
I have created the mp3's especially so that you don't have to wait ages for the download. Be aware that I have only put samples of the songs, and they are in mono. Both of these steps reduce the file size, without the loss of too much sound quality.
The best method is to right click on the link, and 'Save Target As'.....wait a bit for the download....AND THEN PLAY LOUD!!!
Introduction to Midget (In Chronological Order)
Welcome Home Jellybean 175 KB Released as a single off the 'Alco-pop' mini-album
You're Back Again 174 KB B-side to 'Optimism' CD 2 - very punky
All Fall Down 174 KB Fantastic punky single released from the 'Jukebox' album
Invisible Balloon 174 KB Brilliant single off 'Jukebox', reminds me of the 'Marble Zone' music on the original Sonic The Hedgehog game on the Sega Mega Dive (or is it just me that thinks that?)
The Gullible And The Appetite 174 KB A heavier side to Midget....and it was a single!
Bugs In The Cookie Jar 173 KB Should have been a single in this country, but wasn't! Shame really, as it could have been some kind of hit!
She's My Superstition 172 KB Another slower, melodic song - it HAS to be one of my favourites off the last album!
She Never Drowned In The First Place 173 KB A very heavy song off the last album. 
Rare Songs
Designer Friend 174 KB B-side off the All Fall Down 7", one of the most rarest Midget songs.
All You Have To Do Is Ask 173 KB B-side to the Artwork 7", this song may not be well known as the vinyl was labeled as 'Acoustic' on the b-side to Artwork. I DON'T actually know if their is an acoustic version of Artwork.
Hey You Yes You 170 KB A song only found on the Japanese version of 'Individual Inconsistent' - one of my favourite Midget songs!
Dodgem 173 KB Also found on the Japanese version of 'Individual Inconsistent' - VERY poppy, but still good!