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UPDATE - NIRVANA Boxed set is out

Ok, so they are my favourite band of all time like a heck of a lot of people, but they were the first band that I ever got in to, and it opened the door to many other bands for me. Actually, I was extremely unlucky with Nirvana because "Nevermind" was the first proper album I had ever listened to, but it took me about one and a half years to find out what it was! By then I bought a dodgy market  copy of "In Utero" (not knowing that pirating existed) which wasn't exactly a brilliant copy. I listened to it non-stop the day after, during a trip to London and I thought it was a fantastic tape - I would have to get in the band. Unfortunately, the date of the London trip was April 18th 1994, so as you can imagine I was very gutted to hear what had happened to Kurt a few weeks earlier.
As well as that, I now know that Nirvana played once in my home town (Bristol) in 1991 - a few months after Nevermind was released. I would have been way too young to have got in to those gigs, but it's bit of of bummer when you only discover these sort of things afterwards! Anyhow......this part of my site is most certainly dedicated to Nirvana the band and their music, and NOT just Kurt like many other sites.