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I got into music at the age of of 13, and Nirvana were the first of many great bands that I discovered. They still are my favourite band to this day and continue to amaze and fascinate me. 

Unfortunately I never had the privilege to have seen Nirvana live as was too young at the time, which is a shame as
I now know that Nirvana played once in my home town (Bristol) in 1991 - a few months after "Nevermind" was released.

 "Nevermind" was their first album I'd heard during break times at my local air cadet squadron , but it took one and a half years to find out what it was! Soon after, I bought a dodgy market  copy of "In Utero" (not knowing that pirating existed) which wasn't exactly a brilliant copy. I listened to it non-stop the day after, during a trip to London and I thought it was a fantastic album - I would have to get in this band. Unfortunately, the date of the London trip was April 18th 1994, so as you can imagine I was very gutted to hear what had happened to Kurt a few weeks earlier.
Since Nirvana only released three albums and one compliation during their career, I have been obsessed for many years in discovering what other Nirvana songs that might have been recorded. In 2004 the long-awaited "With The Lights Out" boxed set was released which gave fans some never heard before songs as well as better quality versons of unreleased songs as already found on bootlegs.

In 2005 "Sliver: The Best of The Box" was released, which included three more unreleased tracks; more unreleased songs have come to light since the 20th anniversary reissues of "Nevermind" and "In Utero" and in 2015 the release of "Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings" briefly touched on the hundreds of recordings known to existing on many home demo cassette tapes. 

This site is an attempt to list every single known Nirvana song in existence at this moment in time, although one hopes in the future more recordings may see the light of day.