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  • Continuous full-time employment since 1996
  • Self-employed for the last nine years; working on various projects
  • Twelve years of 2D AutoCAD experience with various companies
Including: Rolls-Royce Plc (Naval Marine), M.O.D, local architectural, fire & security, electrical, and medical gas companies
  • CSCS construction site visitor yellow card holder

  • Own computer, software and safety equipment provided
Saves your company time and money, as own equipment ready for CAD use
  • Conscientious and diligent professional outlook 
Being self employed, I am used to working long hours to tight deadlines. I take great pride in my work, which I create with care and clarity. I have a knack of finding and solving mistakes, using rigorous continuity checking
  • Very experienced with computers, Microsoft Windows & Office
Having grown up and worked with computers for two decades, I have a vast amount of computer knowledge. This has enabled myself to configure computers and software to work as efficiently as possible. I have gained a good reputation in the workplace for this; helping out when required, with computer problems and queries. This support proves beneficial, as they are able to work more efficiently
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